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2015-2017 FOHC Officers & Board


President: Rebecca Gibbs Fahey


       “The history of Camden is rich and certainly worthy of preservation.  My  husband and I became involved with FOHC in 2007 shortly after moving to the area and having time to get to know our historic neighborhood and contribute to the education and preservation of the area.  I always knew I should have been a citizen of the “olden days” but I agree with Brian that I want my creature comforts – so here I am today except on FOHC annual event for Old Camden Day when I try to deal with my hoop skirt and parasol.”


Vice President: Ann Burke


 “In 1945,my father, Dr. Edwin Cameron purchased the house at 22 South Main Street.  We had relocated from West Virginia so that Dad could take the position as Delaware's Public Health Physician.

Main St. house ownership has always remained in the family, and after raising our own family in Woodside, my husband, Merritt and I resumed occupancy of the house after extensive renovation. We would love to see this town given credit for its unique and genuine historic character.”


Secretary: Donna Reed


Treasurer: Bryan Hudson


  “We have been preserving our history in mankind for a long time thru books as well as preservation.  A society that focuses on preserving history and remembering what has happened in the past hopefully will learn lessons to never repeat but also to understand how over time we have changed our way of life.  I personally am ready to live in the 18th Century assuming I can take my tablet with me.”


Board of Directors:

Merritt Burke


“ As a fifth generation Camden Burke, I understand the value of recording the threads of our history and preserving  our ties to the past.  My great grandfather, my grandfather, my father, and I have not been only Camden residents but Camden businessmen, as well.  I met my wife of 64 years, Ann Cameron, here, and we have renovated our 19th century Camden home.  So, I am quite committed to the work of Friends of Historic Camden.”


Donna Chappell

Tracey Green

Lorraine Harris

Craig Lukezic


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    2014-2015 FOHC Officers & Board


    President: Tracey Green


    Vice President: Rebecca Gibbs Fahey


    Tresurer: Bryan Hudson


    Secretary: vacant


    Board of Directors:


    Donna Chappel

    Craig Luckewic

    Donna Reed


    Board Members At Large:

    Merritt Burke

    Ann Cameron Burke

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Photos courtesy of Richard Maly and Rebecca Gibbs